Karla Theilen: A Neighborhood Storyteller

Today’s guest has built trails in the Grand Canyon, lived atop a tower as a forest fire lookout, and served as a traveling nurse. She’s also Strong Towns’ 2022 Neighborhood Storyteller, with weekly columns publishing every Tuesday, sharing about life in her neighborhoods and the small steps she’s taking to make them a little stronger.

Karla Theilen lives in Missoula, Montana, but also spends time in other parts of the state through her nursing work, and visits Minnesota regularly, where she grew up and still has family. In this conversation, Karla talks about the way she finds value, connection, and things to celebrate, wherever she’s visiting, and treats all these places as temporary homes. You’re more likely to find her in a local coffee shop perusing the community bulletin boards than in a chain restaurant because she knows that the local spots are where the best stories can be found.

We’ve been honored to feature some of those stories in Karla’s weekly column on the Strong Towns website, and we’re excited for you to hear from her today about everything from crafting and hobbies, to the things she’s learned while walking her dog, to her attitude of saying “yes” to adventure.

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