Sheleita Miller: Bridging Divides Between Neighbors and Government

Sheleita Miller is an accountant and citizen activist based in Gary, Indiana. It’s a community that’s been through some serious economic challenges, but it’s also Sheleita’s hometown, and she’s dedicated to making it stronger.  In this conversation, she talks about what drew her to the Strong Towns movement, particularly with her background in economics and accounting, and her on-the-ground knowledge of why doing the math and determining the long-term impacts of public investments is so important. 

Sheleita also talks about the ways she’s taken initiative to help residents in her town stay in the loop about what’s going on in local government. And she shares how she’s working to address the problems government isn’t always stepping up to solve.  Because she’s worked with government in the past, she really understands and empathizes with both sides of these challenges: the government side and the concerned citizen side of things.

Sheleita is a model for bottom-up, revolutionary action and we’re pleased to share this conversation with you.

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